HR can benefit from utilizing marketing techniques to recruit, engage and retain future talent.

And 50% of that future talent by 2020 will be Millennials or Generation Y. Like any other generation, they have specific and unique traits that need to be understood.

When marketers plan marketing campaigns one of the first steps they take is to develop Marketing Personas – semi-fictional representations of the ideal target they want to reach. This helps to target specific campaigns, content and channels to reach their prospective audiences. This also helps to understand behaviors as well as underlying goals and motivations, which can prove invaluable in managing and motivating employees.

If we were to define the Millennial persona, how would it look?

Beyond simple demographics such as age, education, and income, here are some interesting characteristics:

  • Connected
  • Collaborative and team oriented
  • Multi-tasking
  • Reliant on texting, most sleep with their phones beside their beds
  • Confidence bordering on entitlement
  • Caring and community oriented
  • Have confidence to stand up for what they believe
  • Have self-assurance, technology and network to voice their opinions
  • Are willing to share information about brand preferences online
  • Expect close relationships and frequent feedback from their managers
  • View managers as coaches or mentors

Thinking of this generation from this marketing perspective can help to not only target recruiting campaigns and messages but also the culture that they seek and how to manage them when they arrive!

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