The Internet has completely revolutionized how consumers search for, find, buy from and interact with brands and their products and services.

In response, marketing has adopted a completely new way of marketing – Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing is an automated sales and marketing process that

  • Focuses on getting found online by offering valuable free content in the places where prospects are searching for information
  • Creates brand awareness by demonstrating thought leadership and expertise
  • Builds relationships with prospects to earn their trust
  • Encourages prospects to opt in/give permission to be marketed to in exchange for more valuable content
  • Nurtures leads through the sales and marketing process with the ultimate goal of converting to purchase

The process uses the concept of a sales and marketing “funnel” that assumes a prospect takes a unique journey toward a brand seeking information along the way.


The Internet has also completely revolutionized how consumers search for and seek employment.

  • Talent now shops for employers like they shop for consumer goods doing research online
  • 30% of all Google searches – 30M per month – are employment related
  • Millennials in particular rely on word of mouth, referrals, recommendations and their social networks to find employment

Yet the Recruiting function has not adapted and still relies for the most part on posting jobs on job boards and career sites and cold calling/emailing potential candidates.

HR must borrow from the marketing playbook and deploy Inbound Marketing techniques in their recruiting efforts to compete for talent.

Just like consumers, prospective employees take unique journeys to the employer brand and along the way they look for good, relevant content that educates, informs and provides value.

86% of employees are passive job seekers looking for work outside of their current job. They are not likely to engage directly and apply on a job board, but are doing research and in the process are willing to consume content and follow the brands that they are interested in on social media.


Recruiters who use modern marketing techniques for Candidate Relationship Marketing can establish brand awareness and begin to engage, build relationships and nurture a strong pipeline of future talent.


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