HR needs to deploy marketing strategies and tactics to reach future employees

Social media has radically changed the way that companies market their products and services. A new paradigm has emerged – Inbound Marketing – that focuses on getting found online, creating awareness through helpful content, building relationships with prospective buyers and nurturing them through a process to ultimately buy.

The customer “funnel” assumes that a prospect seeks information and takes a unique journey to a brand.

Social media has had far less impact on HR and Recruiting. Many recruiters still rely on job postings and job boards and are focused on simply screening and selection from a pool of active job seekers. However, candidates now search for employment as they do consumer goods. Just like consumers, prospective employees take unique journeys to the employer brand. Along the way they look for good, relevant content that provides value.

How we can help

With years of experience helping clients map their customer journeys and leveraging inbound content marketing tactics, ECS can help HR and recruiters work in conjunction with their marketing counterparts to deploy leading edge social marketing tactics to attract candidates, build relationships and nurture a strong pipeline of future talent.