The war for future talent is fierce and will play out in social media

Your employer brand – the reputation that your company has in the marketplace as an employer – directly impacts your ability to attract and retain top talent and be seen as an employer of choice.

The stronger your brand, the more likely you will be able to attract top applicants and future leaders. The impact of social media on an employer’s brand is now an everyday reality.

Your reputation isn’t established by HR or the marketing team, it is what is actually being said and proliferated through your past and current employees.

Being an employer of choice is not just about Foos Ball and beer on Fridays, it’s about less tangible and harder to measure values – the opportunities to contribute and be part of something important, about how people are treated and respected, opportunities for advancement, etc.

It is critically important to understand what makes you as an employer unique and communicate that consistently to the marketplace through all social channels.

How we can help

ECS can work together with HR, marketing, recruiting and the executive team to develop a strong, unique, differentiated and defensible employer brand.

83% of talent acquisition leaders say employer brand significant impacts ability to hire great talent.

A strong talent brand reduces cost per hire by up to 50% and lowers turnover rates by 28%.