Passionate advocates can change perception of a brand

An employee advocate is an engaged employee who creates and shares their employer’s brand content on their personal social networks.

50% of employees currently share information about their company on their personal networks. With no formal program, there is no telling what is being shared; marketing has potentially lost control of the message.

Forward thinking companies are implementing formal Employee Advocacy programs to tap into this powerful resource and leverage the extensive brand reach that their employees have. When an employee shares content, they reach at least 10 times as many people as the company social pages – in fact, there is only on average 8% overlap between a company and an individual’s employee’s Twitter followers.

Advocacy programs do not only benefit the HR department because these employees are more empowered and engaged and improving their personal brands, but the marketing teams benefit as well, as employee advocacy has been shown to influence potential buyers and create tremendous brand awareness throughout the extended social network.

How we can help

ECS can work with you to plan for and implement and manage your Employee Advocacy program.

Employees are THE trusted authority on corporate culture

92% of people believe friends and family over marketing hype

B2B marketing under personal employee name is 8 times more likely to lead to a sale