"ECS Raised Our Visibility"

“As a company that was growing rapidly but flying under the radar, Affinnova needed to make a big noise in the marketplace. ECS put together a tremendous PR and corporate marketing plan that helped raise our visibility. They also put together a strong process for generating case studies, which is fueling wider coverage of the company. I heartily recommend ECS for strategic marketing and for marcom."

Jeffrey Henning
Chief Marketing Officer
Affinnova, Inc.

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Executive Consulting Services

ECS offers a unique blend of strategic marketing and management consulting services to assure that your go to market strategy is sound; your marketing communications and programs are powerful, effective and measurable; that your sales and marketing teams are highly motivated - working together for success.

Practice Areas

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Strategic Marketing Planning   


Strategic Marketing,
Planning & Execution

Insight, outside in awareness and strategic critical thinking for your business

Marketing Communications    


Marketing Communications
& Creative Services

Maximum impact through integrated vision, message and creative execution

Management Consulting                   

Management Consulting
& Team Building

Develop, hire and motivate top performers and build high perfoming teams

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